Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Old Haunt

Since we were just downstairs, I couldn't resist taking a quick trip up to the NICU for Crew to say hello to his old friends. The picture above is Crew with Heather, one of his lovely primary nurses. He may look like he's starting to fuss with early afternoon hunger pains, but he's really just overwhelmed with his old girlfriend's hotness. Love you, sweet stuff! Either that, or he recognizes the smell of the NICU and is afraid something has gone terribly awry with his day.

I was reminded how much I wished that I had been discharged from UVRMC and how relatively bummed I was to leave from Primary's without fanfare, confetti, or warm embraces from dear new friends. Then again, all things considered, that's a rather petty complaint. I'm glad we're healthy and we're home.

Speaking of petty complaints...

I ran into Neonatologist #2 this afternoon, and she clearly very firmly believes that Crew is still going to be a vegetable with irreversible cerebral atrophy. It didn't matter what I said about follow-up ultrasounds, clean MRI's, adequate head growth, new official prognoses, etc., she just kept dismissing it all. She even put her arm around my shoulder and forlornly said (a few times) "well, I guess time will tell." The more optimistic I was, the more dismal her facial expressions became, pitying my obvious state of denial. If it wasn't so ridiculous, it would have been very upsetting. Since I know she doesn't read the blog, I'll mention that I was highly amused by the incredulous head shaking and eye rolling done behind her back. It softened my annoyance, so thank you. Said one: "She doesn't believe in miracles." Or anything like unto it apparently.

We'll come back another day to see some that we missed today! We love you guys to death!


Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

You truly have to wonder what in someone's life makes them so negative. You just have to pray a miracle kicks her in the face. But she'd probably miss it since she's missed this one.

K2 Designs said...

Oh my gosh! I SO hope little Crew grows up to be a doctor and finds this doc and laughs right in her face. Prayers and blessings all will be ok! He sure had defied all the odds so far! Heavens! I missed the homecoming even! Have to play catch up...WELCOME HOME Crew! Keep on fightin little man!
I;m a paraplegic and they told me I'd never be able to move my legs and I can wiggle em, I would never have goose bumps- WRONG, I'd never feel hot or cold on my thighs-WRONG, I'd probably not even make it thru the night when hit- WRONG! Here I am 6yrs later! So ANYTHING is possible...gotta have faith and people prayin for ya which we know you have had...give this little guy a hug and kiss on the cheek for me!