Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He's a Little Brother

The good news is that the big kids never take their frustration or naughtiness out on Crew. They treat him like a Prince. In fact, their behavior seems to have a direct correlation with how much time they get to spend actually participating in Crew Care. Ah HA! I'm such a dope.

Kinley thinks it's weird that I used to let her help a lot more with baby Tanner when she was two years old than I do now with Crew. Fine, I can kinda see her point. I've been pretty darn selfish, neurotic, and controlling with the little one since he came home (not that I feel guilty about it. I think it's a natural reaction to what we've been through). Plus, when Kinley gets a turn, Tanner clamors for his own and it's a totally chaotic production that leaves them smiling and me in a cold sweat.

This afternoon I put Tanner down for a nap and Kinley is holding Crew, enjoying a little one-on-one time with him, introducing him to Phineas and Ferb. She's a total natural. I should have remembered what a perfect little parrot she was when Tanner was a baby. When he starts to fuss, she stands up (which I found initially unnerving) and mimics my exact soothing wiggles and shushing sounds, calming him right down. She's cool as a cucumber, unruffled by fussiness. I'm remembering now how much I was looking forward to having Miss Kinley around when the babies came home. Bless her.


Anonymous said...

I luv the pic of your daughter with Tanner holding Crew. She is looking soooo motherly the way she has her hand and looking at them, just like she's ready to jump in if things starting going downhill.

They're all so cute!


Aimee said...

Your kids are so cute with him! You're a lucky mama!