Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surgery Follow Up

Today I took Crew over to the hospital for a follow-up appointment with his surgeon. This is The Man. If you can get past his gruff exterior, he is a soft and gentle teddy bear with mad surgical skills. If you ever need any kind of pediatric abdominal surgery, Dr. Downey is the guy you want. We count ourselves very blessed to have had him as our surgeon.

The clinic was running really behind this morning, but I had the happy opportunity to catch up for a while in the waiting area with a fellow NICU mom who was also there to see Dr. D. That was a wonderful and unexpected treat.

Now, I'll tell you that I was not prepared at all for the spectacle that Crew creates in public places. To my utter amazement, he was an absolute traffic stopper, even without a twin tag-along. Apparently, if you are ridiculously cute and very tiny, you are still very much a novelty to the world at large. He's almost 6 pounds, for goodness sake! He's not even that small any more!

Seriously, when we were checking in, there was a window to the back where the staff can see the front desk. Five nurses came flooding out the door at once to see this little marvel, inquire about his stats, and (to my horror) paw him. Then when I was visiting with my friend and her family in the hallway waiting area, every time anyone passed by, they would stop, stare, and question. We actually had several people stop and interrupt our conversation and say, "oh my goodness, I hate to interrupt, but I must know how old and how big your sweet baby is!!" I even had a full complement of paramedics stop and quiz me and ask if I had a blog so that they could see what he looked like back when he was 1 and a half pounds!! Well, here ya go, guys. Click here and see him at one month old next to a dollar bill.

Very interesting experience! I truly didn't expect that kind of reaction to my almost normal-sized little critter, but I guess he's only normal-sized to me. And he is dang cute :) But I suppose I'm biased on that one too :)

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