Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 Pounds!

I'd like to introduce to you my big fat baby. He is now FOUR POUNDS and FOUR OUNCES!!

It was so nice to see him back to his spry little self today. Holy smokes, when this kid decides to rebound, he takes it very seriously. Two nights ago they were having to emergency crash bag him with extra oxygen even on the ventilator. Today, he is on 1/2 liter pressure cannula, 21% oxygen, which is practically nothing at all. He's nothing if not totally unpredictable. He's kept us on our toes from the beginning!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will start feeding him tomorrow. He is ravenous. Now that he's feeling better and more energetic, he is trying to gnaw is arm off.

I had an unexpected conversation today. (Please remember that no one can predict anything, and even if they could, no two people ever agree anyway). With that caveat... we discussed the very real possibility that Crew won't be transported back down to our local hospital. Once he's on full feeds, as long as he's getting all of his nutrition through nursing or a bottle, he should meet all of their other discharge criteria and... are you sitting down? They can send him home instead. Yikes! Justin and I aren't sure we're quite ready for that step yet! I was excited to get him back down closer to home, but home home?? Anyway, there are a lot of digestive hurdles to be leaped before we have any kind of serious discussion on that issue, but it was interesting to think about anyway.

Well, Justin is home, so I better run. Here is my little guy, bright eyed and bushy tailed! So nice to see him with good skin color and open eyes again at last!

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