Thursday, January 1, 2009

Magical Poop Remover

I brought home a pile of dirty linens from the hospital yesterday. Leaky or loose stoma bags are messy business.

One of Crew's nurses shared this poopy remover trick with me last night. I tried it this morning and it was every bit as magical as she had promised! She thought it might only work with Lemon Cascade, but I only had Orange Electrasol and it worked absolutely perfectly. I thought I would pass on the tip.

On the first few items, I tried my usual tricks with Shout and then Awesome, neither of which did anything to remove or even lighten the stains, even with vigorous scrubbing. Then I busted out the Electrasol, sprinkled a little bit over the stains, rubbed very gently for less than 10 seconds and the stains completely disappeared before my very eyes! In fact, the first stubborn spot disappeared while I was sprinkling powder on another spot. I turned the tiny nightgown over to start rubbing at the first spot and it had already disappeared! I couldn't find it ANYWHERE!!!! It took 100% of the special yellow poopy stains out of every single blanket and nightgown in the pile.

*I rinsed them out thoroughly right away to make sure they didn't bleach for some reason, which they didn't. I don't know if it will work on poopy stains that have already been through the washer and dryer, or poopy stains that aren't that special yellow newborn variety.

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