Friday, January 30, 2009


Yay. And so it goes. Crew has a Bilateral inguinal hernia that will need to be corrected surgically. He'll have it looked at again a little later today. I have been suspicious for a while and it is very common in preemies, especially little boys.

In other Crew news, he has been upgraded to 10 cc's every 3 hours. He was so frantic and starving and desperate yesterday that he inhaled every drop and cried for more. Today he didn't even appear interested in eating, at least not at his 11:00 feeding. It's such a regimented, unnatural way to feed a child, I think. Eat the exact same amount exactly 3 hours apart. We'll wake you up to eat it and if you don't drink it, we'll shove a tube down your nose and make you take it that way. If you want more, then too bad; you'll have to cry and maybe be sedated. His stomach is going to take time to expand and this learning-to-eat process could take a while. He might go home on a feeding tube. He hasn't pooped since starting to eat. I'm sure that has an affect on his appetite. I want him to poop before they start giving him more suppositories. Babies are easily addicted to suppositories, you know.

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texasblu said...

The pics of Crew are precious. I don't know you, but I never once thought you were the sort to be in their face - just venting. I appreciate your sharing.