Friday, January 30, 2009

The High Maintenance Mom

I give up. Get me the t-shirt and I'll embrace the nutcase within. I've decided that it's ineffective to be any other way in my situatioin.

I mentioned before that I have been suspicious for a while about the hernia. It hasn't looked quite right "down there" for several days and I asked about it a few times. They kept saying that it looked fine, it wasn't a hernia, and went a step farther to say that if it was a hernia, it probably wouldn't be in that spot. I asked again today and while it was hard to find, it was definitely a hernia. And there are two, actually. (This isn't terribly important, but the person who found it first was actually a nurse that I love from our local hospital who happened to be on resident rotation at the Children's Hospital today. I snagged her as she walked by and asked her opinion. Good ol' local hospital.) Now everyone else seems to be able to find it with some effort and the surgery team will evaluate. For all you moms out there who may ever find yourself in a similar situation, trust your instincts!!! I was the only one in a position to recognize that there was a change and a difference from before and I had to push through the resistance (repeatedly) to have the problem properly diagnosed.

After that, I was feeling emboldened, so I marched myself down to the lactation office and had a great conversation with them about the gross disconnect between the lactation team and occupational therapy. I haven't detailed all of the stories and bizarre encounters on the blog yet, because I haven't had the time, but suffice it to say that the lactation specialist was suitably horrified with my stories.

My sister-in-law Kayla has been here all week and it's been so nice to have her here with her kids. I've been able to be at the hospital so much, which has been really important this week. It's nice to have live-in help that you can abuse. I introduced her to our mountain of laundry and she made friends with it. I have even seen the bottom of my kitchen sink this week, LOL! I love you, Kayla!!! I was also able to spend the night with my friend Hilary last night. She came to visit us at the hospital and I spent the night at her place, which is half the distance to the hospital. The shorter commute this morning was very nice.

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