Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Some things about the Children's Hospital will never change. Their slogan is "the child first and always" but I think a more accurate slogan would be "inconsistency, first and always." Long, aggravating day. Lots of diplomacy and fake smiles while I tried to sort through the various messages about when Crew can finally eat.

Before surgery they tell me that he can eat when he finally poops or farts the first time, indicating plumbing is working. He farts all the time. Doesn't count. He pooped on Saturday spontaneously. Too close to his Thursday surgery. He pooped on Sunday spontaneously. Too close to his surgery. What? Seriously? No poop on Monday (what is he supposed to poop anyway??) Gave suppository on Tuesday, pooped within 30 minutes. Doesn't count because it was with suppository. Pooped 4 hours later spontaneously. Half the people say it doesn't count because it was too close to the suppository, half say that's ridiculous. Er? Stop giving him suppositories if those poops aren't going to count! Tuesday the legendary surgeon who did the surgery says "he'll eat tomorrow". Mom arrives early Wednesday morning to be sure to be there for surgical rounds that are almost always early in the morning. Wait at bedside. It's now 5 pm and they still haven't come. Legendary surgeon (the one on Wednesday rounds rotation, hallelujah) in surgery all day Wednesday so can't discuss clarification, so surgical resident seems to be making subjective decisions. No one can agree on the requirements for eating, no one can agree on what should be counted as spontaneous poop or not. Baby starving. Mom slightly pissy. Finally get authorization to start clear liquids. Gave 5 cc's of pedialyte.

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texasblu said...

:( What an unhappy day. Thinking of you.