Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Believe In Miracles

Like I said, I believe in miracles.

So who's been praying that my baby would get fat?? I'm very appreciative to you because my little miracle put on SEVEN OUNCES (170 grams) in one day. I thought he looked awfully fat when I saw him in the morning before his weigh-in! It does not look like water weight or puffy bloat to anyone's eye and he has maintained it through another day. He is now 3 pounds and 10 and a half ounces!

We have spent weeks scrapping for every gram, trying every possible avenue to beef him up. Even putting him on artificial nutrition wasn't the home run ticket. There is simply no logical explanation for this astonishing weight gain in 24 hours' time. Perhaps if he had started gaining so well as soon as we put in the picc line, we would have been thankful for the picc line and for the wisdom of the neo who made that decision. Because we have continued to struggle so mightily even with the picc line, we can have no doubt of the Lord's loving and merciful intervention now.

We have been fasting and praying for a miracle for Crew and I believe we are on our way. Do you have any idea how important fat on the body is for brain development in babies??

We have had a wonderful weekend. Justin's parents came into town and Justin joined his father and his brothers in giving Crew a beautiful priesthood blessing this afternoon. We have such hope for him and peace about his future. I hope it's not inappropriate to mention that Dex and a few others joined us for the occasion.

Crew's surgery is still scheduled for this week. Once he returns from Primary's, he won't have many more milestones to achieve before he can come home to us. I now believe it could be possible to bring him home as our Valentine's Day surprise instead of our Saint Patrick's Day present or in our Easter basket!

As always, we are so grateful for your prayers on Crew's behalf. I can tell you from the front lines that your prayers and faith are making a critical difference in his life and in ours. Our family is going to make it through this. We're going to be ok.


Courtney said...

We'll keep praying!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Rejoicing with you for every miracle. I'm glad he's getting good and fat. Prayers for surgery to go wonderfully well. Prayers for more fat. Prayers for miraculous brain development. And especially for a sweet valentine surprise.

Stephanie said...

Our God is an AWESOME God! He has Crew's life already planned out and He knows exactly what Crew needs and when he needs it. His timing is perfect. God's hand has been on your precious miracle...that is evident, and it will continue to be there. I pray that He guides the surgeon's hand and anyone who so much as lays a finger on Crew. I pray that he continues to put on the weight that needs, that he gets the fat he needs and I pray that you and anyone else involved with Crew's care will see a miracle in his brain development. After all, with God anything is possible!

I pray for you to have the strength that is needed, day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute to endure this journey. I pray for a calming hand upon you while you wait for your precious baby going through surgery. I pray that you won't be discouraged if Crew takes a step back, but remember that God has him (and you and your family in the palm of his hands).

Crew is a miracle and I pray that through his life, people will see the love and power of God!

May grace and blessings abound in your life.