Saturday, January 31, 2009

He Pooped!

I never thought I'd be so excited over a messy diaper. But I am! Yay! Though they were threatening him with a suppository, in the end (pun intended) he performed all on his own! Hallelujah, bowels are up and running!

They tried to bump him up to 14 cc's every 3 hours but that is more than he is willing to take at the moment. They are being more reasonable than they had previously described, at least today. He'll take 10 cc's with a lot of encouragement and mess, and they'll continue to offer him the additional 4 cc's every feeding until he eventually takes it. No feeding tube is being discussed for now. He's still getting most of his nutrition intravenously. Every time they increase his feeds (and he takes it) they decrease his artificial drip.

I wish I could have my primary nurses once in a while, but everyone that signed up is so good and so experienced that they get pulled for sicker babies so we never ever get them. We wave sadly to each other from across the hall and Crew continues to have a different nurse every 12 hours.

And... I don't know why I feel the need to defend myself, but I do. I need to put it out there that I'm not ever rude to anyone at the hospital, despite how I may describe my outrage. I'm actually terribly diplomatic and polite and only very rarely bare my teeth. Yes, of course my interference my still frustrate them, regardless of how gentle I may be in my approach. I use my blog to fully vent the magnitude of my indignation, but I never risk compromising Crew by insulting people and I only throw someone under the bus when there are absolutely no other options, which is almost never the case. Only once have I completely lost it and made a spectacle (our first day). And, LOL, our new friends in the neighboring isolette were terribly amused :) Despite the sassiness of my blog, I actually hate confrontation. It makes me nauseas and sleepless, so I try really hard to avoid it. This experience has really thrust me out of my comfort zone.

I went shopping for Crew today. I bought him some new clothes because he is ready for preemie clothes! Normal preemie clothes! They are still very big on him, but I'd still say that he fits in them at last! He is also maintaining his body temperature so they are not using the bed warmer any more. Leaps and strides my boy is making! Go, Crew!!

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AdronsCatherine said...

LOL I feel your pain - I am way too non-confrontational for my own good, well, at least most of the time, but I sure will fuss about it to people that aren't directly involved LOL!

I wanted to tell you that I made a couple of LOs with your templates the other day, and if you want to see them, here are the links:

Hooray for your little piggy growing like he's supposed to! I'm soooooo proud of him!!!!