Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surgery is Off

When Crew arrived at the children's hospital this morning, the skin around his picc line looked a little irritated and the white blood cell count on his labs looked low, indicating the possible beginnings of an infection. They thought the redness was probably tape irritation. Throughout the day the redness has spread, a small lump has developed, and his arm is swollen. There is almost no question that he has an infection.

If infection is even suspected, the surgery team will not operate.

He has been started on antibiotics and blood cultures will be finalized in 3 days. If they are negative (meaning that it is only a peripheral infection), they will talk to the surgery team again. If they come back positive, they will repeat the cultures and it means we are looking at 7-10 days from the first negative culture until they will consider surgery again.

They have had to remove the picc line and will be feeding him through an IV. They have to reduce the nutritional content because of that, so he will very likely lose weight. Good thing he put on that 7 ounces over the weekend because he's going to need it.

We're trapped at Primary's. Silver lining... silver lining... hmmm... thinking, thinking, thinking...


texasblu said...


I just adore the James Bond pics - just darling!!!!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

So sorry its off and you have to far from home while you wait results. Praying for minimal or no weight loss but wasn't God good to have him prepared for this set back. Praying the infection doesn't set things back too far. The best to all or you. I was using one of your templates last night for a layout I was doing and I was sending up big prayers for all of you while I was working.

AdronsCatherine said...

Silver lining? Sometimes they can be so hard to find. I hope you find yours soon!

I'm glad they were watching him closely enough to catch that infection - that could have been one risky surgery! I'm praying that it clears up quickly and he's able to be fixed up nicely ;o)