Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crew Update

Crew is now weighing 2 pounds, 9 ounces (1166 grams) after putting on 48 grams last night. We need to get to 2500 grams before surgery. We may have to fight for every gram, but we'll get there eventually.

He. is. off. the. nasal. cannula. He may have to go back on it at some point, but he's been off of it for almost 24 hours and has been sailing along (knock on wood, fingers crossed, and all that jazz). They are keeping it at the bedside to threaten him with, should he misbehave, but it seems that Crew decided that the best way to let us know he was ready to take another shot at breathing room air was to keep ripping his tubing out of his nose. It reminds me of his sister, who let us know she was ready to discontinue the bili lights by tearing off her eye shields.

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Elliot's Magah said...

Do you know how amazing this is for boys??? Boys are notoriously lazy in the NICU. Elliot came home on O2 for an additional 8 weeks. We thought he would be wearing a canula when he graduated from high school, it seemed he would never get rid of that thing! Then BJ (Brooke's husband) clued us in... he said, "If you had someone feeding you and breathing for you and taking care of your every need would you really want to do it for yourself?" Great insight into the male psyche! *exaggerated eye rolling* it just goes to show Crew is a cut above the rest! Go Crew!!