Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm relieved. And angry. And happy. And frustrated.

I just talked to the night nurse (yet another new one). I mentioned Crew's really bad night with 8 episodes last night, so similar to the night before that, in the hope that he would do better tonight. She was completely confused because she has record of only 2 episodes on that shift and the other night nurses in the room while I was on the phone, who had been there last night, confirmed that he was a good boy all night long. What???

The daytime nurse that I talked to today, who had me all concerned about his terrible night? She was looking at the wrong day. She was telling me data from the night before. I've been a distressed mess all day today based on incorrect information??? I've had staff put me on the Neurotic NICU Mom Who Needs Special Handling List because of it? No wonder the resident who called today wasn't very concerned about his episodes today. Argh!!!

I just called the on-call resident (the one who called earlier) to confirm that Crew actually had a good night last night and she did, and of course tried to put it on me that I must have misunderstood, and that she can understand how confusing it must have been. I was even gracious about the mix-up, being understanding of how those things could happen, and that I just needed to know what the right information was so was calling her because I figured she'd have the master records and personally spent time reviewing what he did last night, and she again threw it back on me that the nurse couldn't possibly have messed up, and was very forceful that I obviously misunderstood, "which is so easy to do sometimes". Um... thanks for the patronization, but I absolutely did not misunderstand. I was very VERY clear and asked very specific questions about what position he was in and what times he had his episodes. Seriously? On top of everything else we endure as parents with children in the NICU, do you have to be insulting and condescending as well?

I know they are starting to hate me up there. That's totally ok. The feeling is mutual. I don't know how much longer I can keep myself composed with them. I can't stand being at their mercy. Time to go settle down so that I can get some sleep tonight.

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