Friday, December 12, 2008

Apnea WHY?

Well, we thought we had stumbled on the culprit causing the bradycardia and desats. One of the nurses pointed out that the spells started when switched his feeds from continuous to condensed. When they returned to continuous feeds, there was a noticable decrease. I thought (and really really hoped) that we had found the panacea. There were only 3 during the day shift yesterday and three the night before. But he had 7 last night that had to be intervened on. Sigh... come on, little guy! Tell us what's going on!

Justin and I were able to go to the hospital together yesterday. It was nice for Crew to see his Daddy because with Daddy's schedule, that's a rare treat. I got to hold my little kangaroo. I noticed that he was exceptionally wide awake yesterday and spent some hours awake after I left. It's so hard to leave him when he's wiggly and looking around, especially if doesn't appear content or starts to fuss. At my request, they are going to be discussing decreasing that kid's caffeine level today. Not like it's fixing what they hoped it would fix anyway. He was on 3.5 mgs per day when he was doing well, then they discontinued it. When he started this apnea nonsense, they put him back on and raised it to 10 mgs per day. In my opinion, that's a few too many Diet Cokes for this baby.

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