Monday, December 29, 2008

Gentle Crew

Crew is a very gentle soul. He was very mellow even in the womb. He is extraordinarily tolerant of all that he must endure in the NICU and he almost never fusses. When he is poked and prodded, he generally just turns his head blithely to the side and looks the other way. On the ridiculously rare occasions that he grunts, squeaks, or (gasp) cries, he is terribly easy to soothe. One of his agitated behaviors is to get really still and stare, occasionally furrowing his eyebrows. He mostly just looks a little less relaxed than usual.

He is remarkably alert for his gestational age and he is a very social creature. He likes to look around curiously and visit with the nurses. He is starting to be a lot more "helpful" to the staff when they are taking care of him. He likes to grab his poopy bag and pull on any wires he can grab hold of. His latest trick is pulling out his nasal cannula. It tends to be out of his nose more often than in lately. Like his siblings before him, he loves a good, tight swaddle and a binky. He loves a good bath and seems to enjoy charming his harem of nurses with his flirtatious, sociable ways and shamefully cute face! Every time he gets a new nurse they always comment on how adorable he is (they have to say that, LOL!) and how unexpectedly mellow, content, alert, and friendly he is.

We're still struggling mightily with his weight. He has lost weight again for 2 nights in a row. Sigh... It's frustrating. At this rate, bringing him home in March would be a lofty expectation! We just need to find the right combination of factors to fatten him up. Come on Crew! You can't stay two pounds forever!
How do you like his ginourmous binky that takes up half his face?


Teresa said...

Dear Family,

with mixed emotions I have read your journey so far. How sad to loose Dexter, how sweet and precious Crew is.
I wish you all the luck and love in the world en hope you can take Crew home within the next six months. Come on little man, grow!!

With love from the Netherlands,

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

It's good to see him so alert. I hope he really starts fattening up so that you can feel more at ease. Wishing you very most happy new year.