Friday, December 26, 2008

Grow, Baby, Grow

Well, after several days of good growth, Crew stalled out in his weight gain. Then he started losing weight. So we put him on a different kind of fortification than he has been on previously (MCT oil), one that most babies don't reject. He rejected it, started dumping again and losing even more weight. So today he'll get his picc line back, which will give him artificial nutritition that he can't dump into his ostomy bag because it's intravenous fluid. He'll probably have it for a month or two, until he is about 1800-2000 grams (about 4 pounds), and we hope this is the magic trick that will fatten him up. There are risks to his liver and risk of infection, but right now we are running low on better options for him. Everyone seems optimistic that this will make him grow.

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