Thursday, December 18, 2008

Itty Bitty

So, the folks at our local hospital were a little surprised that Crew weighs the same amount that he did a month ago when they shipped him out. At least now it is real weight instead of swelling and bloat.

So, the task at hand is to beef this kid up. He's "supposed" to be approximately 1600 grams right now (3.53 pounds), but he's only 970 grams (2.14). I kept hearing his doctor hollering into the phone, "He's way off the charts! He's so tiny! He's just the itty bittiest little guy!" So much for his future as an offensive lineman. Come on, Crew! Grow! As ridiculously cute as you are as a tiny mewling kitten, Mama wants you big, fat and home! Hopefully more frequent kangaroo care will help with that! It's the theory anyway!

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