Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Targeting Apnea

At this point, they don't really think his episodes of apnea are related to reflux. That could change in the future, but for now they are looking for other reasons.

They have put him back on the caffeine and they have bumped him back up to 2 liters on the nasal cannula. The thought behind that is simply that they may have made one step too many, too fast for him to keep up with. So we have taken a step back to see if it will resolve.

They are also testing him for infection because sometimes that can affect respiration. Finally, they are giving him a transfusion because sometimes those levels can affect respiration.

It's a little odd that he has started to have these episodes when he didn't have them before. But I'm pulling for reason #1, hopefully that we just moved too fast on weaning the oxygen flow and taking him off the caffeine. If that's the case, he just needs to get a little bigger and stronger, which will come with time.

On a better note, his echocardiogram and his head ultrasound came back normal. Yay! Eye exam later this week.

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