Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tanner Meets Crew

These are older pictures, taken two days before Crew was transferred. I am so glad that Tanner at least got to meet Crew once before he was wisked away to a place where he can't visit.

Tanner had been asking for several days when he could have his turn to go to the hospital like Kinley and Mommy. When we had everything in place (meaning immunization records) we brought him to the hospital. Only then did we realize what expectations had been spinning in Tanner's little mind.

Every time that he had been to the hospital before, he had come to visit me in my room and always during dinner time. When he showed up at the NICU and saw me standing upright without a dinner tray to raid, he went completely bonkers. He started screaming in the NICU "I'n so hungry at the hostible! I'n so hungry at the hostible!" He could not be refocused until DeAnna took him to get a snack. When he was done with his crackers, he was finally ready to see Crew.

He marched through the NICU doors and said, "I look for Baby Crew!" a million times. I guided him to the right spot and he was so excited. "I find Baby Crew! Look!! He is so small! I find Baby Crew!" He stood there for just under 30 seconds and then he was done. He was satisfied with his little peek, climbed down from the chair, and was ready to go home. It was quite a production to introduce these brothers, but it was worth it.

"I find Baby Crew!"


Anonymous said...

Since I saw the blog link for Baby Crew on the charity kit I stop by regularly to see how your little guy is doing and today I was thrilled to see that he is doing so well and has even met his brother! I feel so happy for you that he is so strong and doing so well...Lord knows how much you need him and he needs you all too!

Thanks for sharing his pictures too...he sure is a handsome little guy! I thought my preemie (born at 35 weeks) was tiny at 5 lbs! If you have a chance maybe you could take a pic of him next to something common so people can really see just how tiny he is :-)

Anyway, enough babbling but I am pulling for your lil guy!

Lisa Newhouse (lnewhouse)

Lisa said...

I love that you did this set of photos! These are the simple moments to remember. As Crew gets older, and he and his sibs are at each other, you'll have these to remind him! LOL