Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naughty Boy

Crew is still not responding adequately to the oxygen liter increase and caffeine reinstatement. He had a major apneic episode today immediately after the medieval torture eye exam, which really upset him. He just closed his eyes, retreated, and stopped breathing. Had to bag him with extra oxygen to bump him back. He's getting a transfusion all afternoon and evening. Right now they are putting all their eggs in that basket, banking on their hope that he'll stop this nonsense with better blood levels. In the morning they will retest his blood to see if his immature white blood cells have increased, suggesting a developing infection (if I understand that right). I think he misses me. I can't wait to get up there tomorrow.

PS, the eye exam was normal for now and follow ups are scheduled. I naively thought that his risk would dramatically diminish now that he's not on a ventilator. ROP freaks me out.

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